MIT Consulting Group is MIT's premier undergraduate consulting organization committed to helping businesses and organizations overcome their challenges while fulfilling its higher mission of student-to-student leadership development. Our past clients range from startups to large companies in areas such as technology, energy, healthcare, fashion and food services.

We provide a unique opportunity for students to develop their business skills through real-world case experience and mentorship. Our consultants go on to receive offers from top consulting firms like McKinsey, Boston Consulting Group and Bain and investment banks like Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley and J.P. Morgan.


Joyce Zhang
Fiona Lam
Vice President
External Affairs
Katie Ellinger
Vice President
Internal Affairs
Bonnie Wang
Events Chair
Linda Jing
Alumni Liaison
Gianna Parella
Director of Client Relations
Riya Jagetia
Diego Lazares


MIT Consulting Group's elite team of consultants offers services in a multitude of fields.

Business Development

  • Generate growth opportunities and go-to-market strategies

  • Conduct comprehensive competitor analysis

  • Leverage diverse consultant backgrounds across industries

Strategic Marketing

  • Create innovative publicity strategies to target new markets

  • Determine methods of rebranding to reach larger customer pool

  • Provide fresh, unique perspectives from analytical students

Financial Strategy

  • Analyze past financial performance to improve future operations

  • Develop effective fundraising and sponsorship strategies

  • Identify cost-efficient methods to increase profitability

Selected Past Clients


Spring 2015 Recruitment

MCG is pleased to welcome 18 new members this spring. After an initial resume drop, MCG held a networking session and an interview workshop to give candidates opportunities to get to know MCG. These events were followed by individual interviews. The recruiting process was extremely competitive this semester with a record number of applicants. We encourage all interested candidates to apply again in the fall.

Interested in Joining?

MCG will be recruiting in fall 2015. Please check back in late August/early September for details. In the meantime, we encourage you to check our website for upcoming MCG events. If you would like to receive updates about our events, please join our mailing list.


Why Your Brilliant Idea Might Fail:
Demystifying the Social Side of Entrepreneurship

04/27/15 Monday 7:30pm in 4-273

Featuring Johnathan Cromwell, MIT ’09 and MCG alum, Doctoral Student at Harvard Business School.
MIT students are bred to develop new technologies that will revolutionize industries and transform society for the better. But when we think about developing the next Dropbox or the next Khan Academy, we tend to focus on the technology itself and overlook the importance of the social side of innovation. In reality, we can improve our chances of creating a breakthrough innovation by choosing the best teammates and taking into account the experience of our eventual customers. Find out what you need to transform your visions into reality – the key to success may not always be in the technology itself.

MIT Case Competition

MIT Consulting Group held its third annual undergraduate case competition on Thursday, November 6, 2014. Students worked in teams to develop strategies for a consulting case and presented their recommendations to a judging panel of representatives from our sponsors below. Stay tuned for details the 2015 competition!



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