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Welcome to the MIT Consulting Group (MCG). We are a non-profit student-run organization that provides undergraduate students the opportunity to solve real-world business problems for clients. We are committed to providing our clients with high-quality deliverables and strategic recommendations, and our consultants with a uniquely collaborative leadership experience. Since 2008, MCG has served over 75 clients, from start-ups to government organizations to Fortune 500 companies.

What We Do

We provide a wide variety of services

Business Development

Generate growth opportunities and go-to-market strategies, conduct comprehensive computer analysis, and provide in-depth market overviews and projections.

Strategic Marketing

Develop innovative publicity strategies to target new markets, determine methods of rebranding to reach a larger customer pool, and create a brand positioning strategy to surpass client competitors.

Financial Strategy

Analyze past and future financial performance, identify synergies between the client and potential partners and create a market entry strategy to ensure and increase profitability.

Software Development

Create, edit, and optimize websites and web applications to allow easy customer usability, and create a simple urban interface for your users.

Become a Client

Learn about becoming a client for MCG

For our clients, MCG provides the premier platform for analyzing, discovering, and developing the future. Our unique integration with the college hub of Boston/Cambridge allows our clients to access a critical demographic. More importantly, the varied educational and professional experiences of our consultants allows each team member to contribute something unique, adding value to the client with in-depth research, data analytics, and creative recommendation for business development.

See the Clients page for concrete examples of past MCG projects.

Contact our Client Relations Director, Noah Lee, for more information.

Become a Consultant

Learn about becoming a consultant for MCG

For our consultants, we provide extensive student-to-student leadership and professional development. Our current members and graduates have excelled across industries at consulting firms like McKinsey & Co., Bain & Co., and The Boston Consulting Group, as well as investment banks like Goldman Sachs, JPMorgan Chase, and Morgan Stanley. MIT Consulting alumni have also taken top positions in industry and technology, creating a diverse and valuable network of alumni.

See our Join page for more information on Fall 2019 Recruitment.

Contact our Membership Directors, Cindy Yang and Julian Liu, for more information.


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