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What it means to be a part of MCG

Cultivate Your Own Path

MCG is a student-run group that works to solve problems for any institution in any field. We work for a diverse group of clients including start-ups, government organization, student groups, and Fortune500 companies. Being a part of MCG is all about fortifying your own path; whether you are interested in pharmaceuticals, business analytics, or data algorithms, MCG provides the perfect opportunity to explore your passions in a professional setting.

Develop Professional Skills

MCG is dedicated to developing it's members professional skills throughout their time at MIT. In addition to our semester-long cases that give our members corporate exposure, MCG holds internal training for its new members. These trainings are led by MCG seniors, alumni, expert consultants, industry members, and a variety of other guest speakers. MCG takes care to hone our members professionalism, etiquette, soft-skills, speaking-skills, and much else.

Create an Integrated Community

Despite MCG members' diverse backgrounds and interests, MCG is a tight-knit supportive group of friends, analysts, and consultants. Outside of case-work, MCG hosts annual retreats, study-breaks, social dinners, and outings. Beyond these events, MCG members spend time with each other whether it's psetting throughout the night, or hanging out on Kresge Lawn.

Who We Are

Our members make us more than a business club

The members of MCG are unique and talented in many ways. Whether it is in or out of the classroom, we pride ourselves on excelling in everything we do. Whether it is business, engineering, or non-profit work, the connections we have made last a lifetime and often benefit younger members that wish to follow a similar path. Moreover, our members are in just about every department within MIT, conducting impactful research and pursuing their passions. When not in our suits, our members find a way to remain competitive with MIT's sports and activities.

Meet our wonderful members here.

Frequently Asked Questions

if you have other questions, please contact us!

Who is in MCG?

MCG is a group of 35-40 members with a few commons virtues: we are all genuinely curious and passionate about our work, friends, and family; we are problem-solvers and question-askers;

What does MCG look for?

MCG looks for people who are hard-working, dedicated, collaborative, and want to be leaders. MCG values those who seek to push themselves beyond their limits, and contribute their skills to not only MCG, but the greater community as well.

Is it okay if I don't have consulting experience?

Yes! Almost every single member of MCG joined without any prior consulting experience. We look for candidates with the ability to think and analyze critically, creatively, logically, and quickly whilst still effectively communicating thoughts in a professional and coherent manner.

Do I need to be Course 15?

Not at all. Many of our members major in courses other than 15! Additionally, you do not need to be Course 18 or 6, to join MCG.

Have other questions? Feel free to contact our Membership Directors, Abby Moser and Aaditya Singh.