Our Clients

We work with a variety of clients across several fields

The MIT Consulting Group has offered a variety of strategic services to companies across several industries. Our consultants can leverage their diverse set of skills and resources to add value to your organization today. We have worked with clients ranging from start-ups to government organizations to Fortune 500 companies. We are excited to engage with companies in technology, products, finance, and so much more.

"Very impressed with MCG's overall quality of work. The team communicated effectively and professionally, and were a pleasure to work with."

Jessica Baas
U.S. Department of Transportation, Volpe Center

"MCG's level of professionalism and communication skills are top-notch. I was thoroughly impressed with the case team's performance, presentations, and deliverables."

Evelyn Hartz
Product Marketing Specialist of Salsify

"MCG exceeded our expectations, and we were happy to work with them for a second time. Our case team met our goals and were incredibly effective at dividing up work, doing research, and putting together a final deliverable."

Alex Pina
Founder of Avalanche Energy, Inc.

What We Do

We provide a wide variety of services

Business Development

Generate growth opportunities and go-to-market strategies, conduct comprehensive computer analysis, and provide in-depth market overviews and projections.

Strategic Marketing

Develop innovative publicity strategies to target new markets, determine methods of rebranding to reach a larger customer pool, and create a brand positioning strategy to surpass client competitors.

Financial Strategy

Analyze past and future financial performance, identify synergies between the client and potential partners and create a market entry strategy to ensure and increase profitability.

Software Development

Create, edit, and optimize websites and web applications to allow easy customer usability, and create a simple urban interface for your users.

Case Structure

What it's like to work with us

MCG engages with clients for 10-12 week projects during the Fall and Spring semesters. Each project consists of a Case Team Lead (CTL), four to five Consultants, and often, a Senior Advisor who counsels team members on project direction. The team will meet with the client on a weekly basis and provide two deliverables (midterm and final). Project management tools are utilized to keep both clients and consultants on track for a successful project.

Our Work

MIT Consulting Group's elite team of consultants have offered services in a multitude of fields and industries.

Marketing & Business Development


Business Development & Financial Strategy


Marketing & Web Design